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Socks are the most requested item at homeless shelters.

At Solmate Socks, we know the importance of socks. They not only provide warmth and protection for our precious feet, but also a cozy sense of comfort. Despite this, socks are the most needed items at homeless shelters across the US, but the least often donated.

When clothes wear out or go out of style, you donate them. When shoes no longer fit or have lost their luster, you donate them. But when your socks wear out and have holes in them, they are usually thrown out. Because of this, shelters are often equipped with clothes, shoes and other necessities... but not socks.


Socks are also the items in shortest supply at shelters.

In an effort to do our part, Solmate has been donating socks for the past 20 years to various charity groups across the US, including family services organizations, refugee centers and homeless shelters. These donation recipients have shown immense gratitude over the years, and they have reinforced how important it is for our company to continually find ways to give back and help those who are less fortunate. Below are some of the local organizations we have donated socks to:

Solmate Socks Gives Back

Helping change lives, one sock at a time.

We also want to inspire other American companies to take a look and discover ways to give back and make a difference in their own communities. We truly believe that if we all find a way to give back, no matter how big or small, together we can make a huge impact in this world and ultimately change someone’s life, one foot at a time. If you are interested in getting your organization involved, please feel free to reach out to us HERE.

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