Early Love Notes From Customers

Sunny the SheepWe launched our first website back in 2000, which was as sweet and cartoonish as the internet was back in those early dot com days. Back then we had Sunny the Sheep (seen to the right) as our mascot who encouraged sock aficionados to leave him love notes. The early Socklady website was largely hand-coded and customer reviews were collected and posted manually to what we called our Sock Talk page. 


When we upgraded our website to one of the more modern options, we wanted to preserve so many of those wonderful and early love notes from customers.  We love each and every love note from our early days.


We hope you enjoy these customer reviews. But even more we hope you're inspired to leave a review on your favorite product. Just search for the product you want to review; once on that product page scroll down to Write a Review and leave your own love note.


Customer Love Notes Archive

A friend just introduced me to your company this afternoon. Your socks are awesome!!! Love them!!! - Karen

I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in Portland, OR, this past week helping my older parents out...my mom was wearing these sox. when I got to the airport, there they were at my favorite store -- mother goose. I bought the daffodils as my souvenir for a memorable week (79 yr. old dad had back surgery). I love them!!!!!

A pretty cute video filled with dogs wearing our socks. Put together by the folks at Bumbley.com (you can buy our socks there).

I purchased the Alegria shoes at Danform Shoes in Shelburne, VT. They needed a special pair of socks! The store had a nice selection of socks but yours were exactly what I wanted for these shoes. I chose the Poppy but will be buying more, they are so comfortable. I may be 73 years old but I intend to wear what I like, not what someone says is "age appropriate'. Thanks for the great colors and uniqueness! -Pat

I absolutely love socks! I have a MASSIVE collection, but yours are my absolute favorite! I found them by accident while picking up some asparagus at a local farm. Now I just need to stock up on all the flavors! Not only are your socks amazingly colorful, but really comfy too. I especially love that they're "green". Thank you! -Sabina

I just had to tell you that I love your socks. I am an avid knitter and one of my favorite things to knit is socks. There have been very few "commercial" socks that I like enough to purchase, but yours are the absolute exception. They are not only beautiful - and FUN - but also extremely well-made and a fabulous value. And I am extremely happy to be supporting an American business with aproduct that is made in the USA. A side benefit of falling in love with your socks is that I now find myself much more adventurous and "free" when it comes to knitting my own socks - I used to be obsessed with making matching socks - now I just "go with the flow" and let the yarn "talk" to me. My friends and family are amazed. - Ada

Just wanted to let you know that I received the order today, and I am so THRILLED with the 4 scarves: they are everything and more than I dared to expect!! The hardest thing now will be to decide which one I will keep for myself and who gets which one of the 3 remaining... I wish you a fantastic Season! - Monika

What a hoot!  That is a great idea.  These socks sort of match, but not really.  That is fun!

omg... I'm a knitter of socks and when my friend sent me a pair of your "Oh so cute/soft" socks...I "fell in love all over again" with socks.  They are so much fun... Thanks for making my day and my feet happy... JoAnna

Just received a pair of your socks in the mail yesterday that I ordered. They are so cool. Then I saw on the tag that they are made in the USA. I just wanted to thank you for that!!!!!!!!!! What a special treat and I loved them even more when I saw that. You guys rock!!!! - Lucy J.

I thought you might like to hear this story. My sister, Bobbi, was diagnosed with Stage 3/4 squamous cell carcinoma in June. She retired from teaching high school and, the same day, met with her oncologist! I had bought her and her daughter a pair of your socks for Christmas. They both LOVED them (and fought over the colors)! On her first oncologist's visit, several people commented on her socks, so, Bobbi decided these would be her lucky socks! She has worn them to every appointment since then. When she got the results of her first biopsy, her daughter accompanied her to the oncologist's office - and they both wore your socks! A dear store owner/friend sent her 4 more pairs so she would have one for every day of the week. Bobbi said they wash up very nicely and are extremely comfortable to wear. As I type this, she is in Beth Israel Cancer Center in NY receiving chemotherapy. Her socks are a hit! They are a real conversation piece. Several nurses and aides stop by every day just to see what the new socks look like! She uses them instead of slippers and so wears them all day. She said she sits on the bed with her feet propped up - and people come in just to marvel at her socks! It makes her feel special at a time when the circumstances are anything but special. So, thank you so much for using your talent to provide an unexpected ray of sunshine at this cloudy time in our lives! Sincerely, Pam Gray

We love them! Now my sister Cheryl (who sent them to us), my sister Jude in Bellingham, me and my daughter all have the same beautiful socks! I feel very lucky and will spread the word about your product as I'm sure they will get noticed... I was just in Bellingham last week helping my sister at the farmers market meeting and a woman came in with your hat on! All three of us sisters recognized it immediately and commented on it.. lifting our pants to reveal our matching unmatched socks! It was a moment.. and one I'm sure you can be proud of.

I just want you to know that your socks make me absurdly happy! They don't match ~ but they do ~ and every time I look at them I am delighted! I bought the Covered Bridges pair in December, and just received Raspberry and Zinnia for my birthday. I hope to add to my collection. I recently bought Popsicle and Very Berry for my daughter. She combined one turquoise-toed sock from each set to make a lovely pair! - Yolanda

Just wanted to let you know..... Christmas 2007 - I bought a pair of your socks for my husband in Ligonier, PA. He loved them. Christmas 2008 - I bought another pair for him, a pair for my adult daughter, my adult son, and my 1 year old grandson (2 pair plus 1 sock). They all LOVE them. Recently, we were talking with a 21 year old football player. He noticed my husband's socks. He was so taken by them. He wanted to know where we got them. My son said that they will be his lucky running socks. My husband has decided to wear them every weekend. Thought you would like to know. Thanks for the great socks. - Liz

I purchased the last remaining 7 pairs of large size socks from the gift store in the  National Museum Bldg, G St Washington DC. Gave 3 pairs as a gift and a co-worker purchased 1 pair.  The remaining 3 pairs are MINE!!!!! I looked at your website for a local distributor/retail store and I am off ~hopefully this week-end to purchase a hat...loved the rugs too....and good possibility of more socks! The colors~patterns~joyful the warmth ~cozy!   Great for these economic times when looking for reasonably priced useful, lasting gifts producing the oooos, ahhhs, many smiles, and laughter! -Anna in Loton, VA

Comment: I am 57 years old and have always been very anal about my socks matching my outfit. Now I have no problems at all - I am a free spirit! I absolutely love my solemate socks. I purchased 4 pairs befor the holidays at a local shop. Then I purchased 4 more pairs online. I also just received my thinking cap - sometimes you have to wait years to find the perfect hat. I just found mine! Thank you so much for all you do. I am happy from my feet up because of your products. Regards, Jane

Thank you so much. The order arrived on the 7th and I shall be picking it up tomorrow. Just to let you know that your socks will be shared throughout the western provinces of Canada and I can't wait to see all that colour brightening up our winters! Great service all around! - Donna

What an incredibly clever idea! I taught myself to knit a little over a year ago and have just this week started my first pair of socks. After seeing this product I'm even more driven to get an entire pair done by years end! Thanks so much for the inspiration! - Stephanie

Hello Socklady,
My mom picked up some of your wonderful socks in Deerfield, MA last fall for my daughters. We were thrilled to catch Whoopi Goldberg wearing some that were very similar on "Live with Regis and Kelly" a few months back. We love them - they'll be stocking stuffers in all of our stockings this Christmas!
thanks, Mary

Hi Socklady,
I just ordered a pair of the socks for our priest at the Cathedral here in Raleigh. He loves wearing very bright colored socks and proudly shows them off before beginning Mass each Sunday. The ones I ordered are extra special as they are a gift as he will be baptizing my granddaughter in a few weeks. I wanted something that would always remind him of this special occasion for the family. I do believe that the pans socks ought to do just that.....

I just received my very first socks from my sweet husband for Christmas. I have stolen socks all my life, first from my father and then my husband. My thirty plus years of criminal behavior is now over because of your socks. I have several pair, all in different color patterns, and mis match all of them. They have their own drawer and I simply grab the first two on the top. I am careful to wear all of them once before I start over so they will age equally. Thank you very much from a former thief.

I just wanted you to know that I now have four pair of your wonderful socks. I'm diabetic and your socks don't make my feet hurt. I wear them winter and summer. The first pair came from a craft show in Merideth N.H. I bought the rest in Center Harbour at a place called Yikes. I'll get more eventually from your web site. Thanks for the wonderful socks.

We received two pairs of BEAUTIFUL socks made by you, from our friend Susan in Vermont. My daughters, 13 and almost 12 years of age, love them. And it makes me smile whenever I see them walk past, those funny non-matching-colours.
Love from Holland, Paula

Hi Socklady...
my best friend just bought me a pair of sol mate socks for my 32nd birthday...i absolutely love them...i have been wearing mismatched socks my whole life...my son who is six and my daughters who are two and a half and 10 months have also been wearing mismatched socks since birth and continue to with pride (especially my 6 year old son, lev)...i went to your website and was so happy to find socks for them...what a fabulous idea...my feet are the happiest and i don't think i'll ever wear another type of sock ever again...great idea...buena suerte...
peace and love and a world filled with groovy socks...Tara Kopman

Dear Socklady,
A friend of ours gave myself and my daughter some of your wonderful cotton socks. These socks have quickly become our favorite socks ever! I suffer from having poor circulation in my feet and my feet are constantly cold. These are the first socks that have kept my feet so warm and comfortable all day long. Please e-mail me to let me know when you will have the adult medium size cotton socks available. Your socks are not only warm and comfortable they are a beautiful work of art!

Dear Socklady,
I work for the Denali Foundation, a non-profit educational organization located just outside Denali National Park and Preserve. We have MANY knitters in our community, holding weekly "knitting nights" that travel to different knitters' homes. We share smoked salmon, moose & caribou meat & of course wine & chocolate! My mom just sent me a pair of Socklady socks and I COVET them! I love them! The knitters I knit with will love them!
I appreciate your time & creative energy! Thank you,
Jodi H., AK

PS - My office-mate & I have Socklady stickers all over our computers here at work!

Hi Socklady,
I LOVE my solmate socks! I have all four sets of your cotton socks, and I think I'm going to have to purchase some woolen socks for winters. I was wearing a pair at a conference this spring, and when I pulled up a pantleg to share what I think are the coolest socks ever, a friend nearly had a heart attack! She's one of those "matching" people, and told me if she saw me wearing my mismatched socks again it would give her nightmares! She almost fainted when I forgot she was in the room and I was showing them off to someone else!
Pam L.

Hello Socklady,
My socks have been to numerous countries (australia, spain, mexico and the US). They go with almost everything I wear, even flowered skirts. Perfect strangers come up to me and tell me how much they love them. I know how to knit and love it..but your socks go beyond my imagination. These were a present from my niece who said they were for her.. "crazy, spider lou..who likes wierd things". SO, I am ordering some for me, for her, my boyfriend and a couple more! Thanks for sharing your creativity and being so accessible. Finding interesting wool socks is almost impossible these days with all the synthetic materials. Thanks for keeping to natural fibers too!!
Mary Lou

Hi Marianne,
I thought you would enjoy this response from my friend in Canada. I sent her a pair of your cotton socks as a New Year present--and they were obviously a hit! Hope you're keeping warm.
Catherine, VT

Dear Catherine + Socklady,
I can't thank you enough for those magnificent socks. I absolutely love them, and I can tell that I'm going to feel especially energetic, whimsical, and playful when I wear them. They really are beautiful works of art.
Sue, Canada

Hello Socklady,
I just received four pairs of your socks for my birthday (two cotton and two wool) and I am SO pleased with them. I work at my local high school and I am called sock lady because I generally have on some type of novelty sock. Then in January at the dentist I saw your ad (in Vermont Life) and I had to check you out. Then I begged my family for socks (yours) for my birthday. I love them, and thank you for a wonderful product and life philosophy.

i love my sol mate socks - my kids live in Monkton, and I live in MA - bought my sox, i think, in Middlebury, but - I need another pair - they are THE WARMEST, THE COOLEST, AND, THEY FIT INSIDE MY CLOGS! you have a great product.
thanx - Liz in Needham, MA

sunny sockI love, love love my sunny socks! I used to have what I called 'travel socks' - really cool socks that kept my feet warm on the plane and in the car when I didn't want to wear shoes. I lost them, and then; while attending this past year's 'Dicken's on the Strand' event in Galveston, TX, I saw them! So, I told my friend I just had to have them for Christmas. They are on my feet now. Please keep me on your list, so I never have to be without again. Congratulations for your creation. Both me and my feet are happy.
in gratitude, M B

Dear Socklady,
I found your socks at the pheasant lane mall in nashua nh and i bought 10 pair of the wool and 5 of the cotton to give away for christmas. as i started to wrap them, i couldn't decide which ones to give away, so i kept 8 pairs of them for myself. i am a solmate junkie now. thank you for making them and i appreciate your work and craft in designing them. the socks i did give away got raves, and i think i got them hooked on the solmates too. just thought i'd drop you a line of appreciation.
Denise, NH

bluebell sockI've never written to anyone about my socks before. But I have to tell you that I LOVE THEM! I got them for Christmas, and I never want to take them off again. I show them to everyone. They are so comfortable. I have the Bluebells. You make great socks! thank you for giving me permission to not match my socks. :)
Feet everywhere thank you!!
From the bottom of my sole... Gabrielle
Montclair, NJ

My husband gave me three pairs of socks for Christmas -- I opened them as my "Christmas Eve surprise"!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! He couldn't have done better -- they are so fun and unique! As a new knitter I can really appreciate the care that went into these! Thank you so much for taking the time to make socks fun!!!
Taylor, Maine

Dear Socklady,
I bought two pair of socks that were not mismatched (your solmate socks) some years ago at a crafts fair. I had intended to give a pair to my daughter who was then in college. But (I'm ashamed to say) I couldn't bear to part with EITHER pair, so I wear them both. Both pair thanked me, as they don't mind being washed after every outing. My socks have been to Ireland where it rained and to Iceland where it was freezing cold. I wear them with birks so that everyone can admire them (even in Ireland in the rain and Iceland in the cold wind).
Nann from Connecticut

p.s. I often wear them over tights when I wear skirts or dresses. Then I can be warm in the winter and still beautiful. They look most elegant with my black velvet dress and black tights and black birkenstocks.

great s(h)ocks..... i bought a few pairs from randy - and soon they will be on route to new zealand for my family. yes they'll meet some kiwis!
Johnny, LA.

Dear Marianne,
I saw your socks on somebody's feet (they have traveled to this far end of the world from the US) and since then I'm in love with them. I found your webpage and now I ask you: how can I buy some pairs from over here in Hungary, Budapest? If it's possible I would like to have some for myself and also for my kids and family.
Waiting for your reply!
Judit from Budapest, Hungary

I had returned from a trip to Vermont where I purchased two pairs of your socks at the Stowe Art and Craft Festival. I went to a farmers market here in Washington wearing the socks with my Berkies and was approached several times with "where did you get those socks?" So I got each individuals e-mail and sent them the information. I love my new socks and can't be without them.
Nancy from Poulsbo, WA

I first saw your socks while vacationing in New England in the fall of 2002. A friend and I were traveling together and she bought a pair of socks while we were in Stowe, VT. I loved them; but hesitated to buy mismatched socks. (I had a mom who taught me that things HAD to match.) Though we live miles apart; I've spent time with my friend a couple of times since our trip together; and have always regretted not buying a pair for myself whenever she's worn hers...Imagine my delight when I found them last month on a trip to Steamboat,CO! I bought myself a pair immediately! My boyfriend asked why they don't make cool socks like those for guys (...guess what HE'S getting for Christmas?)! My Christmas list is growing. Besides socks for him; I've ordered another pair for myself, one for my sister and yet another pair for my great-niece!
You're right: life IS too short for matching socks!

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