We make awesome socks, but we’re so much more than that.

More than an apparel brand, we like to think of ourselves as a destination for cultivating creativity and embracing individuality. Our whimsically mismatched socks and accessories are designed to accentuate style and natural beauty - meant to be worn with confidence and pride. They are full of love, warmth and character. But we are so much more than that...

How it all began

How it all began

Solmate Socks was started in the year 2000 by Marianne Wakerlin with the simple idea that “Life’s too short for matching socks.” As a lifelong textile artist with a wonderful eye for design and keen instinct for business, she knew there was a market for beautifully crafted, mismatched socks made right here in America. The company quickly grew out of a small room in her house to three different offices in the US and internationally. Solmate Socks' product line also expanded to include hats, mittens, and scarves in addition to mismatched, colorful socks.

When Marianne retired in 2015, her son, Randy, and daughter-in-law, Lisa, dedicated themselves to carrying on the family tradition of creating highly coveted, treasured works of art that can be worn on your own two feet.

Being unique is better than being perfect

Crafting mismatched (but coordinated) socks with a hand-knit feel is our specialty. We are committed to using sustainably-sourced, eco-friendly fibers in every product we make, allowing you to embrace your individuality without compromising your earth-friendly principles. Whether showing off our socks loud and proud or styling them from the comfort of your home, we encourage everyone to express their individuality in whatever ways they can.

Sustainability isn’t about being on trend

It’s something we can’t choose to ignore. All across the globe, we’ve seen a rise in ethical consumerism. People are asking more questions about the products that they buy: Where is it made? What is it made from? Is it produced in a sustainable and ethical way?

Knowing that fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand, we understand that every action we take today has an impact on tomorrow. As a Certified B-Corporation, we are proud to be part of a global movement of businesses working together for a positive change. Because together, we can prepare today for a better tomorrow.

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Giving back is at the core of who we are and what we do

We know the importance of socks. They not only provide warmth and protection for our precious feet, but also a cozy sense of comfort. Despite this, socks are the most needed items at homeless shelters across the US, but the least often donated. In an effort to do our part, Solmate has been donating socks for the past 20 years to various charity groups across the US, including family services organizations, refugee centers and homeless shelters. We truly believe that if we all find a way to give back, no matter how big or small, together we can make a huge impact in this world and ultimately change someone’s life, one foot at a time.

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Valuing people over profit

In addition to our sustainable production, we take great pride in caring for our employees, valuing people over profit. As ethical practices are paramount to our brand, we pay all of our employees living wages, along with generous medical benefits.

We are proud to be one of the few mills in the American hosiery industry that offers these types of benefits, and hope to inspire more to do the same.

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