A Sock Fundraiser: Clean Drinking Water for a Village in Benin


In 2006, a Unitarian Universalist Church in Vermont spent a year raising money through sales of Solmate Socks, in order to fund the building of a cistern in a village in Benin, Africa. 


One of the women in South Strafford, VT had been a Peace Corps volunteer in that village many years prior, and she went back in 2005 to visit the families.  She asked what they needed most.  They said they needed water so the children could come to the village and attend school and not have to carry plastic containers of dirty water with them for drinking during the day.  They also expressed a desire to establish an animal husbandry program and grow crops, all of which needed water. 


The church set a goal of raising $5000, the estimated amount needed to fund the project.  Instead, they raised $7000, which was enough to build the cistern as well as an adjacent building for washing hands, AND enough to buy airline tickets for the former Peace Corps volunteer and another woman to go over there and supervise the project. 


The volunteers stayed in Benin for about a month, which was the time it took to complete the project.  It was a huge success and has had far reaching effects on the village and surrounding communities.  Once the cistern was built, it had a dedication ceremony to celebrate the clean drinking water now available to the community.  On the dedication plaque on the cistern it thanks Solmate Socks for helping to make it possible. 


Hold Your own Fundraiser with Solmate Socks

Solmate Socks has a long, happy history of working with many non-profit groups to raise funds for their organizations. We love supporting groups of all sizes and get excited about fund raising events for school and church groups, sports teams, art/music camps, and other worthy causes and special events.

If your organization is a 501(c)3, or other type of non-profit organization, Solmate Socks are an excellent way to raise money.
We hope that fundraising with Solmate Socks will be successful for your organization. Many groups have continued to work with us year after year and we hope you will join them as a successful fundraising team. Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your application and beginning the fundraising process with you.


Solmate Socks Fundraiser Solmate Socks Fundraiser
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