Solmate Socks Sustainability Efforts

Made in the US

All of our products are produced at our own Knitting Mill in North Carolina, where many of the employees there have been a part of making Solmate Socks from the very beginning. We are firmly committed to keeping Solmate Socks an eco-friendly, American-made product with a focus on developing fresh designs and products.

Sunnyside Textiles

Eco-Friendly Products & Company

All of our products are knit from pre-consumer, recycled cotton yarn. We collect remnants from t-shirt factories that would normally go into a landfill, grind them down and re-spin them into our own yarns. These recycled yarns are certified by the Global Recycling Standard and Oeko-Tex. In addition to decreasing the amount of cotton waste sent to landfills, our yarns also reduce the amount of water, land, pesticides and herbicides used to grow new cotton fibers.

We are proud members of the American Sustainable Business Council, which is network of businesses committed to the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profit. Solmate Socks is also proud to be Silver Certified by the City of Portland's Sustainability at Work Program.


Carbon Offsets for Shipping

We offer carbon offsets for purchase on all shipping. At the end of each year, Solmate Socks matches every carbon offset purchase, dollar for dollar, using the grand total to purchase offsets via Native Energy. Native Energy is a Vermont-based organization that helps promote renewable energy, methane abatement and fuel efficiency projects around the globe.

We are, and always have been, committed to protecting the environment, our employees and the community in which we serve.  


Contribution for a Cause

Endless Possibilities is an organization in North Carolina where volunteer and student weavers specialize in hand-woven creations made from donated or castoff fabrics. All proceeds aid domestic and sexual violence survivor services and programs. We began donating our scraps to this amazing organization in support of all of the great work they were doing and never could have imagined the artistic beauty that they would transform these leftovers into.


Endless Possibilities


No Scraps Left Behind

In 2008, we began utilizing leftover socks to make our cotton “Thinking Caps.” We collaborated with local sewing artists who cut and sewed together these extra socks, we were able to produce about 4,000 hats in one year!

In 2014, we partnered with Portland Garment Factory to utilize unsellable socks that had quality issues to produce cup cozies and boot cuff accessories. Producing these new products not only allowed us to salvage the beauty of our whimsical socks, but also compelled us to continually find creative ways to remain a zero-waste company.

Solmate Socks Zero Waste

Collaboration with Sock Animal Innovation

The ever-so-talented artist, Suzanne Moulton, makes these adorable and oh-so-precious sock animals by hand utilizing unsellable Solmate Socks. They are inspired by real-life endangered species. Suzanne’s mission is to not only educate children about them and their importance, but also to promote the conservation of these beautiful creatures. To learn more about these charming toys and snag one for yourself, please visit Suzanne's Etsy Shop.


Suzanne Moulton


Recycling Through The Last Drop

Textiles take up nearly 8% of our country’s landfills and almost all of them take hundreds of years to decompose! They actually take up more space in our landfill than any other non-durable goods in the solid waste system. Knowing every bit counts when it comes to recycling, we ensure that no scraps - even the tiniest pieces! - go unused.

We partner with Portland Garment Factory to recycle the scraps that are too small for crafting through GemText Recycling. GemText is a Northwest-based sustainability company that is passionate about helping people recycle their textiles and keep them out of landfills. Nearly 98% of what is donated to GemText is usable! They utilize even the tiniest textile particles to pulverize for use in making things like stuffing for dog beds, insulation padding and more.

We're so proud to partner with such amazing companies in an effort to continually remain a zero-waste company.
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