20th Anniversary of Solmate Socks

It is such a fantastic pleasure to be celebrating the accomplishment that Solmate Socks is now 20 years old. From our humble beginnings in our founder’s spare bedroom in her house to our current B Corp certified, eco-conscious, second-generation company, the journey has been exciting and fulfilling.

Now, 20 years in, Solmate Socks continues to be a treasured learning experience filled with color, joy, hard-work, long-nights, crazy ideas, heartwarming moments, a dedication to family, a promise of corporate responsibility, a commitment to co-workers, and a global community of sock devotees.

We hope you continue to find joy, pride, and a sense of whimsy when wearing and gifting Solmate Socks, so that they can continue to be a part of how you celebrate many moments, big and small, in your everyday life.

Thank you to our wondrous community of customers, artists, store-owners, and vendors that are a part of the Solmate Socks tribe.


Randy and Lisa, Owners



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