Introducing: New Fusion Slouch Socks

For over twenty years we have celebrated all the various shades and shapes of sock- fanatics. Some people grab whatever comes out of the sock drawer first. Some people mindfully build their ensembles around their show-stopping socks. And still, others want to have comfortable, sustainably made fun socks, but don’t want socks to be the highlight of their outfit. We believe everyone should know the pleasure of a great pair of socks, and so we have designed some new socks with a twist.

Introducing solids snuggling up with patterns. Our Fusion Slouch Sock series is a union of a solid colored, cozy bubble stitch in the ankle section, and then some secretly whimsical Solmate colors and patterns for the feet. Solmate Socks has always been known for thinking creatively when it comes to making socks, and with these new comfy socks we wanted to create a hybrid sock to delight those looking for low-key but still playful additions to their sock drawer. Like color scientists playing in our knitting laboratory, we took the monochromatic top of one sock and fused it with the polychromatic sole of another.

Continuously influenced by nature, we’re delved into aquatic inspiration to launch these new socks. The ocean can be stalwart, supple, and serene with soft waves (or in this case knitted bubbles) on the top, and then teeming with life and excitement just beneath the surface. Like the beauty hidden within the depths of the ocean, these socks will have a beauty hidden within your shoes.

We are launching the series with three new colors, complete with oceanic inspired namesakes: Abalone, Cerulean, and Seashell. Keep watching as we continue to introduce new colors of these wonderful and cozy socks.

Sizing, same as current Solmate line. Small, Medium, Large (no XL)


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