Mismatched Socks: The Music Video

Do you ever imagine that your socks have unique personalities? Or maybe they have secret lives we don't know about? Maybe you come up with fantastical stories about missing socks that have gone out on wild and crazy adventures! 

These thoughts occur to us all the time. Which is why we were so delighted to be contacted by musician Ben Taylor's management company back in 2013 with an idea that incorporated Solmate Socks into one of his music videos.

Working with a phenomenal director, cinematographer, puppeteers, and a whole team of incredibly talented artists a sweet and endearing story of a lonely sock looking for its lost mismatched mate was born. It's the perfect visual accompaniment to Ben Taylor's song "Not Alone." Everything about this song and video always make me smile.

Even when apart, we're never alone.


The socks featured in the video are the Daffodil socks. After being a beloved part of our line for 14 years, they are currently enjoying retirement.  We love to occasionally bring socks out of retirement, so let us know if these are socks you would like to see us reintroduce this retro color!

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