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As a part of our sustainability efforts, we try to create as little waste as possible - especially when it comes to production! This includes not throwing away sock scraps that didn't quite make the cut. And that's where we pass on the sustainable goodness to you!

Enjoy a box of beautiful colors of crafting scraps from our production. Scrap sizes are all assorted, clean and a variety of colors. Each box weighs around 50 lbs. and is free; you just pay for the Shipping & Handling (Shipping to continental US only). The 4 types of scraps we offer are: 
  • Colorful Sock Loopers
  • Solmate Socks Scraps
  • Miscellaneous Socks Scraps
  • White Sock Loopers
Sock Scraps

If interested, please contact us HERE and let us know which type of scraps you are interested in receiving. Thank you for helping to keep our planet green!

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