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Happy Founder's Day! Today we honor our fearless founder, Marianne Wakerlin, and all of the joy and comfort she brought into this world through Solmate Socks. From hand-knitting our beautiful socks back-in-the-day, to taking Solmate worldwide, we are truly blessed to carry on the legacy she left.

As a nod to her leadership and our 22nd year of business, please enjoy 22% off our Founder's Favorite Crew Socks below!

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Words from our Founder on Founder's Day

My mother was Christened Agnes Lois Greig. She inherited the lineup of austere family labels going back to Norwegian composer Edvard Greig, her great-great-uncle. When she was twelve, she went to Girl Scout camp and, along with a swimming badge, attained a new name. Sunny.

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